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I've ran to the light, and there was nothing there but questions I had with answers I couldn't find. Have I lost my mind?
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"We always want what’s kept from us."

- Hum - Tigers Jaw (via thelonelygiver)


Couldnt Handle the Pressure, 11x14”gouache and ink on colored paperwith digitally printed background


Me always

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Found this sick dragonfly outside! Looks like it has periwinkle and black paint on it’s wings. #dragonfly

"…and may you always find your way home safely."
Thanking my mom for one of the most sincere (early) birthday presents I’ve ever received. A vintage German compass from her grandfathers days spent wandering the Swiss Alps. 

(via 500px / Ski Run by Evgeni Dinev)

 Leendert Buteijn

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Beartooth // Beaten In Lips
Pretty cool to run into @thekidswillrevolt yesterday at Warped! Really nice person and great to talk to!